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A Tale of the Oregon Trail

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Geared for families, the book tells the tale of a family heading west on the Oregon Trail.


“Sara Anderson and her family have braved travel into an unknown, wild territory for land, exciting opportunities, and a fresh start in life,” said Jennifer, mother of three. “Carolyn’s expertise of American Pioneer history fluidly melds this fiction with detailed facts, conveying to readers possible scenarios of real men and women's lives on the Oregon Trail.”


Carolyn said, “I’m excited to tell the tale of the Oregon Trail through a fictional family. But the details of the trip have been carefully researched and the book offers resources and links for further research. A TALE OF THE OREGON also lists places to visit such as The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, Kearney, NE Trails and Rails Museum, Hastings Museum of Natural & Cultural History and Nebraska Prairie Museum of Holdrege and is a natural for gift and other stores that carry historical information.


Jennifer added, “Historical people, landmarks, and events intermingled with details of pioneer clothing and tools make this story a thorough and very useful guide into the lives our nation's pioneers. Through Carolyn’s excellent storytelling, readers leave this reading with a better understanding of our history and the sacrifice of others.”


A TALE OF THE OREGON TRAIL is an accurate, yet sensitive portrayal of the joys and heartbreaks of the pioneer experience played out against a rich historical background.

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