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Click for 2016 Scheidies Christmas Journal

11/18/2017 Saturday: This week has been one of preparation. Next weekend is the annual Scheidies Thankmas. All weekend Keith’s family gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and Dad’s birthday—along with anything else that needs celebrating.

Both our kids and their families will be able to come and I am excited about that. But baby Ellery is nine months and getting mobile. Means taking a whole other look at our house. As teenagers, our son’s kids are way past the “we have to worry what they might get into” stage. But our daughter and son-in-law’s Ellery is another story.

So we clean the house, move stuff out of reach. We also are excited about seeing the rest of the Scheidies family—Keith’s siblings and their families. We also have a little one from the Colorado crew we have yet to meet—Mason, son of our niece Tiffany.

While we live each day, we also look forward to a special time with family next week.

11/07/17 Tuesday: I was thinking about this scripture passage.

Revelation 2: 4-5 GW However, I have this against you: The love you had at first is gone. Remember how far you have fallen. Return to me and change the way you think and act, and do what you did at first. I will come to you and take your lampstand from its place if you don't change.

God wrote to seven churches in the book of Revelation. Each had positives and negatives in their faith walks, but this church's problem really hits home. When Jesus saves us we're grateful and excited to share. But time passes. We get busy and let our close relationship with Jesus become "religious" duty. We haven't cultivated our relationship and our hearts grow cold and dead. We start living tradition or religion instead of a close, dynamic relationship with Jesus--a relationship that lifts up and changes our lives.

A dead faith does not make for hope or joy or life. This passage makes clear, Jesus desires a close relationship. He desires to bless. But that takes remembering Him, allowing Him access to every area of our lives including our minds, hearts...and schedule. Do I daily walk and talk with my Savior? Do I listen when He speaks?

Do I daily read His Word and let it change me?

11/02/17 Thursday: It is November 2nd today. We were married September second 1974. That’s a long time. I know.

Early on in our marriage we decided to make every month a month of celebration. Over all these years, we have tried do something special the second of every month. Most of the time that meant eating out. Sometimes we did something else like a movie or play. Sometimes because of one or more of my surgeries, we brought something in.

The second is our tradition, though with all my sensitivities now, eating out is more complicated. Tonight after work, Keith is bringing home pizza—gluten free and with no tomato sauce. Can’t get that just anyplace, but pizza sounded good. So does being comfortable at home.

I am thankful to God, and it was God who brought us together, for blessing us with two kids and four wonderful grandkids as well as many years together.

I’m going to enjoy my pizza and time with my hubby tonight.

Thank God for those you ❤️ And let them know you care. =====================================================================

10/29/17 Sunday: Getting ready for church. Today will be a long day because after church, we have a potluck and then our quarterly Congregational Business Meeting.

Yesterday, I put together a meat and cheese plate. Started doing that a couple of meetings ago. Most who bring food want the oven and microwave to cook or heat up their dish. I had a slow cooker, but it gave up the ghost. So I went to a cold plate and potato salad. Goes like hot cakes so figured I keep that up. Clean up pretty easy with no greasy pans to wash.

What is nice about these Sundays is that everyone isn't rushing away after church. There is time to stop and chat a bit. We need more times of fellowship.

10/25/17 Wednesday: It is already the middle of the week. I feel as though I am fighting through mist that disguises time and makes it disappear. I keep trying to catch up with all the things on my list and it keep growing. Every day there are items added I hadn't planned on, like an order that didn't go through for medication--again.

This morning I had to call and figure out the problem. We got it done, but it took up a portion of my morning.

As frustrating as time and stuff-to-do can get, I stop, take a breath and remember. Three and a half years ago I was in the hospital with a feeding tube and a trach.

Times like this I go back to basics. I can breathe on my own. I eat on my own. I am alive. Everything else is petty by comparison.

Most of all I remember that God is in control, He is my source and resource and I can safely trust my frustrations of today, and whatever life brings tomorrow, to Him. =======================================================================

10/19/2017 Thursday: Cassie and baby Ellery came home last Thursday. (Kurt had navy stuff.) What a joy to see them and spoil Ellery. She is such a smiler. Cheers up the whole day!

Friday morning, Keith went to work and Cassie and I headed to Kansas for a weekend with my sister Karin and niece Kelly. A weekend of conversation, laughter and spoiling Ellery. For the most part, Ellery was her happy self, except when those teeth, trying to break through, hurt. Then she needed an extra cuddle.

Saturday, we visited Karin's son and family--the younger four girls took charge of entertaining Ellery. They loved it. We got to hear about how the older two are doing in High School and see Brandon's three sports medals.

Their 13-year-old is such a dear sensitive young lady. We've connected before and she had a big smile for me.

Sunday morning we left in good weather and met Keith in York where we ate, Keith got to spend a few more minutes with our youngest granddaughter and where we said good-bye to Cassie and Ellery as they headed East home and we headed West.

It was a weekend to make positive memories and I am grateful.

10/11/17 Thursday: I'm excited because my daughter is coming home this afternoon. Of course, she's bringing our youngest grandchild, 8 month old Ellery. (We have weekend plans.)

At this stage, Ellery is crawling and pushing herself around in her walker. She seems thrilled to be getting around. She has the biggest and most captivating smile.

Keith says her smile never fails to brighten up his day. I'm all for technology when we can see pictures and videos of our grandchild. Such technology wasn't so available for our older grandchildren, our son's kids who are now 17, 15, and 13. While I made sure to get lots of pictures when we were together, with Ellery we see a new picture almost every day. She doesn't seem so far away.

We can complain about technology and how much time our computers, tablets and smart phones take up, but isn't what we do with our time our choice?

Guns don't kill and technology doesn't waste our time. There always has to be human interaction and choices.

Instead of complaining about what we don't like about technology, why not appreciate the many things technology does allow us to do, starting with keeping close to those we love and care about.

Hurrah for the Internet and more.

10/04/2017 Wednesday: Obviously, what happens in Las Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. Decisions made, good or bad, have consequences far beyond a location. What happened in Vegas has reverberated around the world. Our response needs to be one of redemption, reaching out, and praying for all involved in one way or another--including the family of the shooter.

There were heroes in Vegas. Strangers helped strangers. Some gave their lives protecting others. No one asked first for religious or political affiliation.

While what we believe matters, now we pick up the pieces and help those who are devastated and hurting to know that Jesus offers comfort and help. It is time we live out the faith we claim--even when it is laughed at or denigrated. God calls us to shine His light. This is the time to do so.

People really do need the Lord. Will we step out with His message of hope?

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. --Psalms 46:1

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. --Matthew 5:4

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. --Psalm 147:3

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. … Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. --Psalm 23:4, 6

9/30/2017 Saturday: I've been disturbed and saddened by those, especially young people, who show such disrespect for the President. Like the president or not, all presidents deserve respect because we respect the OFFICE of the president. It represents government in which the voters chose their president. This is huge.

Whether you like the choice or not, it is made every four years. Once a president is chosen, we need to show respect, give the president a chance, and get involved. If we do not like what's going on, then don't throw hissy fits and act like children who throw tantrums when they don't get their way. Get involved in the system. Work to elect those with whom you do agree.

But start, by not believing media hype and spin. If the media likes someone everything is roses. If they don't, they spin every story negatively. Do research beyond the media. Look beyond your prejudices for facts, rather than spin, and truth rather than current PC.

We have failed a generation that refuses to grow up and to act like adults and who don't seem to understand either respect or responsibility.

What saddens me more is many of these young people, especially if they are white, are told they are less than, that they should feel guilt for existing, for having a good home and good parents, for believing there is a God who cares. All this translates to emptiness of soul and spirit. Many young people have no guide, no foundation of right or wrong and no truth. This leads to self-violence, including suicide, or violence towards others.

How can we change this? By living our faith, by loving those that oppose us, by not being ashamed to share our faith and to show we care rather than returning anger with anger, hatred with hated or violence with violence.

Jesus does make the difference. Let's start the change by getting into God's Word and living it every day.

9//22/2017 Friday: Another week has gone by. Temperatures are a tad cooler. Kids and adults still wish to spend as much time outdoors, knowing cold weather is coming.

Even so, there is time to sit down with your children and read. Reading offers so many benefits to you and to your child. You spend quality time together as you read and talk about what is on those pages. Children learn reading is fun and learn about colors, shapes and characters. They learn history and so much more, depending on the books chosen.

Through the pages of a book, children learn to cope, because other kids have and do. When I got sick with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when I turned 13, I didn't understand my moods, my unexpected anger, my depression. I was confused, in pain and didn't see much of a future of myself.

In the pages of a fiction book, I met a young girl with a disability. From her, I learned chronic diseases are accompanied by, you guessed it, depression, anger, etc. What I was going through wasn't a complete change of my character, it was a normal journey through my disease. That book eased my mind and helped me begin to cope with something I didn't realize was part and parcel of my illness.

Reading is fundamental to the development of children and adults as well. Reading helps us learn and grow mentally, intellectually and emotionally.

Read with your child. My books for children were written as I raised our own kids and as they grew up and gave us grandchildren. What a blessing to snuggle up and read.

9/15/2017 Friday: Yesterday we said goodbye to one of Keith's cousins. I know we're getting up in age, but what is difficult is losing someone younger. We've only known she had cancer the last few months. From what we were told, she was only diagnosed six months ago.

Six months and she's gone. Six months doesn't seem but the blink of the eye, and yet... Those months gave her precious time with her family and time to prepare. Many do not have that time. It was and is a blessing for those left behind.

But more, as the pastor pointed out, those few months also deepened her walk of faith and got her ready to release this life for the next.

While saying goodbye is so very difficult, we as Christian do not weep and mourn as those with no hope. We know this life is not all there is. If we know and follow Jesus, we do not merely die, we go home with Him.

So in our grief we rejoice for Carla is in no pain. She's simply gone home on the other side to wait for you and I. That brings beyond the grief, peace...and joy.


2017 September 12, Tuesday: Democrat liberals Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) and Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) grilled Amy Coney Barrett — a law professor at the University of Notre Dame and President Trump’s nominee to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, not on her education, training or experience, but on her Christian faith. They made it clear that Christians/Catholics are not welcome in public service. Talk about bias and prejudice!

What they did is totally unconstitutional and should keep them, not her, from public service. A balanced media would have broadcast this news, but you hear absolutely nothing. Most of the media is so far left they applaud any suppression of free speech and belief as long as it is conservative and/or Christian.

We live in a sad state affairs when we've turned our back on God in our homes, even some churches, schools and in our federal government. We can hardly plead God's blessing or His mercy when we've kicked Him out of our country and our lives--except maybe for a five minute devotional or quick prayers of demand.

Turning the anti-God trend around doesn't start in Washington, it starts with recognizing our own shortcomings in not following Jesus. It means taking time to confess, repent and start on a journey to truly follow and serve Him.

We are the ones who witness our faith when we live with honor and integrity, when we know God's Word and serve him with all our hearts and minds. One on one as we share Christ, others will turn to Him. As revival starts, there is momentum and begins to change outlooks and begins to change us, our families, our churches, states and our country.

Isn't it time to start today? Dust off that Bible and begin not only to read and to study God's Word every day, but also communicate with Christ, developing a living and vital with relationship with Him.

A government that honors Jesus starts with me...and you.

Personal computer system

10/8/2017 Friday: After years, those of us with a web presence, such as a blog or website are faced with going from the standard http: to https: or have our sites labeled as unsafe. So many will be affected by this. (https has been what banks, etc. have been using for years. Most of us didn't need that much security.)

Frustrates me that we have no say in this. Some who've already worked to make the change find the change actually now has their site listed as unsafe.

As for me, I'm just trying to get Tripod to answer my questions on the matter. I'm about ready to jump ship to some place where it isn't like beating my head against the wall simply to get a response.

That is saying something since I have built up this site for at least 15 years or more. It would be overwhelming to start over, but that may happen if I can't get answers.

I want to take my IDealinHope with me. It is in my books on business cards. I'm not going be able to change all the books. And the switch from http to https may confuse many readers. GRR

Then the question. Will I be better off if the "system" still doesn't quite recognize such a change? Why does everything have to be so complicated?

So many so-called upgrades are merely pains and no help at all in the scheme of things.

So I wait for some response and am sucking in a deep breath as I think about setting up a new site somewhere else. Not what I want to do with my time.

In a few weeks if your favorite site gets flagged, maybe there is a problem or, maybe, there isn't anything wrong other than that site hasn't "conformed" to the new norm--https.

How do you feel about this change?

9/1/2017 Friday: It is my husband's birthday today. I have a surprise r two for him, but he'll have to wait a while for one. Years ago, when we were thinking about a date for our wedding, he suggested his birthday. He said, I would be the best present ever.

His mother shot down the idea, suggesting we'd be glad to have separate dates in the future. We compromised by holding our wedding the next day. That worked because, that year, Labor Day was that weekend so our wedding was on a three-day weekend, making travelling much simpler.

So we celebrate his birthday September 1st and our anniversary the 2nd. He takes the week off and we enjoy a week of vacation--even if we chose to stay close to home.

We've enjoyed this week, spending time with friends, talking to an advisor that makes me feel better about Keith retiring next year, some shopping. As for me, I've worked every day. What can I say, I work at home, I'm a workaholic and love what what I do--write.

Today and tomorrow are special days and I am glad, after all our health problems and scares, we are still here and still celebrating together.

To Keith,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Anniversary!
Love you!!!

8/29/2017 Tuesday: Destroying monuments shows such ignorance. Shows how useless those we vote into power are to handle situations with sanity and sense. It all reveals how little our and the next generation know and are taught about their own history. Their minds are stuffed with spin and garbage rather than the complex truth.

Public education has, in too many incidences, become agenda driven by those who hate America, our Constitution, freedom, tolerance and faith. They wish to stomp out all, but their point of view. In doing so, they foster hate, a hate that turns violent against anyone who won't march to their drumbeat.

We're turning a generation of young people into violent thugs.
Meeting hate with hate only fosters more hate.

There needs to be consequences for destructive behavior, serious consequences. But while we need to stand against wrong, we need to do with prayer, with truth and with redemption in mind.

Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you;
reprove a wise man, and he will love you.
Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser;
teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.
Proverbs 9:8-10 (ESV)

Read my latest Hub article: Pulling down statue of Robert E Lee--foolish? Under Scheidies Articles 1

2017 August 22, Tuesday: The media was all Eclipse for the last week or more. Kearney was flooded with visitors from around the world who came to view the event. A total eclipse. Thousands of dollars spent. Maybe millions in travel, food, accommodations and more.

I didn't try to look up. I followed the shadows into darkness except for lights that automatically come on at dusk. I heard the excited cries of the elementary children outside the school that is on the other side of the park across the street from our house.

Shadows lengthened. Then darkness. Yet light quickly swallowed up the darkness and the shadows retreated. An eerie stillness but a moment. Strange light. And it was over, but for memories and my prayer that many will come to know the Creator behind the wonder.

Thursday August 3, 2017

Keith works until 6 pm these days. Yesterday was the 2nd of the new month. Ever since we married many years ago, we've celebrated every month--usually by eating out.

But when my sensitivity to strawberries returned several years ago, bringing along a host of friends, eating became a challenge. Eating establishments dropped off our list if they didn't serve food I could eat.

Our daughter clued us into a place we used to love--Sonic. They actually have a gluten free menu. Last night, Keith stopped at Sonic on his way home. Ahhh. What a treat!

We "ate out" without leaving our home, celebrating with an old favorite--Sonic. Didn't even have to dress up. The Tots were SOO good.

I am thankful for restaurants that cater to those, like me, who really do have serious sensitivities.

7/31/2017 Monday: Yesterday was a busy Sunday. Our church holds the quarterly Congregational Meetings on Sundays. This includes a potluck for fellowship and as a transition between the service and the meeting.

That means on Saturday I fixed food to bring. Since oven space is at a premium on those Sundays and my crock pot gave up, I now fix a platter of meat, cheese and crackers--all gluten-free. I don't have to be concerned about keeping it warm and I never bring home leftovers.

I also bring a large container of potato salad that I love, can eat and I can buy at the store. I like it when there is a bit left for me to eat later at home.

This Sunday was more than food. I'm the substitute Sunday School teacher for when Rachel works or is gone. (She's a charge nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital.) Yup, this was one of those Sundays. The class was fun and exhausting. Good class.

But that still wasn't all. Rachel is also the Church Board secretary. Since I am the former secretary, for many years, she asked me to take minutes for the meeting as well.

Add that we pick up a family of three siblings for church. (We love these kids.) BTW, Keith does the overhead during the service and counts $ afterwards.)

Once we got home I still had minutes to write up and send and the weekly prayer list bulletin to finish. Then I could rest.

A full Sunday. But you know, I am grateful we CAN serve and help out.
I am thankful for my church family.

Have a good week of serving Him.

2017 July 26 Wednesday: Middle of the week. Had some very HOT days. Getting ready for a Nebraska August no doubt. But last night it rained and cooled things down this morning.

Sometimes in the middle of stress something happens to lift us up and encourage. We need to grab hold of these times, whether large or small, and let them remind us that, after all, we're ultimately I God's hands.

My daughter reminded me recently about a situation that is not only stressful, but infuriates me when I think about it, "God has this." (Sometimes I need reminding.)

God isn't caught off guard. I may not see Him at work, but as I turn to Him, I can know, in His way and time, He really does "have this."


2017 July 22 Saturday: Little by little I've been going through my office, cleaning out junk, old research, files, duplicate MS, ancient disks and more. Resently I found pictures, postcards and my journal of the Fredrickson Family Reunion in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

We got to go because I set up interviews with such places as Silver Dollar City to help pay for our vacation. Daughter Cassie brought along her friend Kristen.

I have lots of memories of that vacation, but had forgotten something that happened right as we left. Brother Paul worried about our car no longer having AC so he'd rented a car for us.

We're ready to leave for almost a week and Keith told Cassie to put her car in the driveway. Only she'd left her keys in the house. Keith had the rental car so left his keys in the house. My keys were with the neighbor who was seeing to our cat for the week.

Keith walked down to get the key. McAllisters weren't home. How to get in? Kristen managed to crawl through a window in what was Chris' room (became my office when he left home.) We retrieved the keys. Moved Cassie's car and got on the road. I'd forgotten.

But that wasn't the only time Kristen saved the day on our trip. Very glad Cassie invited her along.

Interesting what memories we retain and which ones slip away. Journaling is a good way to keep memories alive. I recommend it.

2017 July 15 Saturday: Been quite a week. Spent the last week in Omaha helping out our daughter with baby Ellery since her hubby is off for military training exercises.

What an opportunity to spend time with our youngest grandchild without the hospital stuff. A week before the surgery, Cassie and Kurt moved so they've had a lot on their plate--especially when adding work and military obligations.

We watched Ellery and I tried to help out by cleaning dishes, bottles, sinks, counters, etc. It was a joy and privilege to be able to help. Ellery is so bubbly and happy--except when not ready to be put down for a nap.

Wednesday night, Keith's brother and SIL and his sister all came for supper, to see Ellery, of course, and to get a tour of the new-to-Cassie and Kurts' place. Had a fun evening together.

Friday came all too quickly. Glad to be home, but already missing our Baby granddaughter and daughter.

So thankful Ellery is doing so well.

2017 July 7 : Been nice to be home this week. Playing "Catch up" with work, writing and other projects. But this is simply a lull in our schedule. Next week we're back in Omaha helping Cassie while Kurt is away doing Navy stuff.

We'll have all week to spoil our baby granddaughter. Love that, but wish we could spend that sort of time with our other grandkids as well. Things change as situations change and as grandkids become teens.

Still we're thankful for time we can spend with them. I pray they will still have a free country down the years. That starts with a national return to faith.

Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Check out my book THREADS OF TIME.

May we all know true freedom, peace and security in Jesus.

2017 July 1: After a week in Omaha, we're home again and happy to be home. We were also happy to spell Kurt and Cassie at the hospital this week. It was an exhausting week.

So hard to watch the nurses fight baby Ellery to put her nose tube back in after she accidentally dislodged it. They had to do it twice to get it right because she was screaming and fighting for all she was worth.

She did win the hearts of the staff. Thursday was so much better without all the tubes. Better yet yesterday, Friday, we got to help Cassie pack everything up and take baby Ellery home to finish recovery.

In doing that, we got to see Cassie and Kurt's new place.

Then on the road to meet Chris and our other grandkids for lunch. I won't write here about wrong choices, getting way lost--more than once-- trying to get from Cassie's to meeting Chris in Lincoln. One of those days for us where Murphy was working overtime.

Still we finally got to Taco Inn and had a nice, if short time with Chris and kids. We are blessed.

Murphy wasn't finished with us, but we did get home safe, thankful we could be there for Kurt, Cassie and baby Ellery.

2017 June 27: Soon this morning we're heading to Omaha to help out with baby Ellery. She's almost five months old now. Because of the pregnancy and being born at 37 weeks, early on, Kurt and Cassie knew surgery was in Ellery's near future.

She had the surgery last Friday. Went very well. But Ellery is recovering in the hospital and someone needs to be with her. Keith and I will spell Mommy and Daddy, allowing them breaks, and to go to work.

Pray for baby Ellery for full recovery and that she'll be able to go home at 7 days, not ten--like Friday.

June 19: Heading into a new week, after a busy Sunday. Part of the reason for a busy Sunday was Father's Day, but not all. While I no longer teach Sunday School every Sunday, I do substitute for Rachel's class of K-2nd graders when needed (ie she works.).

Since a new confirmation class was starting, Pastor Dave decided it was a good time to move all the kids who were moving up in class. So the first couple of class minutes I made sure the kids got to the correct class. Pastor Dave had been pretty clear before dismissing SS, so sorting all that out didn't take long. I ended up with 6 eager kids. We had a fun class.

While it was Father's Day, my brother Paul's birthday is this week, too. We ate out with Paul and Lorene at Ruby Tuesdays. Had reservations so got right in. Celebrated Father's Day and the birthday and enjoyed just spending time together.

Not the end of the day. Once home again, I packed up a supper for me. (I have lots of food sensitivities.) Then we went through and picked up Kentucky Fried Chicken dinners for Keith and his dad before heading to Minden to spend time with Jiggs.

Keith's brother Randy dropped by while we were there. Dad also received calls from Mark and Rhonda while we were there. (He'd already talked to Tim.)

It was nice to eat in the comfort of his home instead of going out in the evening. Bless Dad. He remembered I couldn't eat any ice cream flavor but vanilla ice cream, so he'd bought some for dessert. Got home after 8 PM.

A full day. A tiring day. But a good day for making memories.

Happy Belated Father's Day!

June 13: With the temperatures climbing and my flowers in the sun, where they need to be, I also need to water them. This isn't too bad of a chore since the flowers are on the slab outside the back door.

But they were too near the edge of the concrete slab on Saturday. Trying to get the grass and weeds edging the slab, hubby managed to get the mower far enough onto the slab to knock over my flowers.

I supervised as he retrieved pots, dirt and plants. I pulled out my packet of Marigolds to plant and later added more dirt to replace what was lost and watered. I've been watching to see if all the flowers recover. some have. Waiting also for the Marigolds to grow.

I watch, wander and wait for growth and maturity. I enjoy the result--flowers in full bloom.

Does God do the same for us, lovingly helping us grow, and smiling as we bloom for Him?

June 11: Getting ready for church later. I have finished my Quiet Time this morning and reflecting how important it is to start the day with Jesus. How can I know God's will or way if I don't spend time reading His words to me or communicating with Him regularly.

How many texts do you exchange with a husband, son/daughter, friend? How often do you talk to the one who says to put Him first--for our own protection, prosperity and peace?

This Sunday maybe we need to ask am I really following Jesus or simply a pretender? It makes a difference today, tomorrow and for eternity. May the joy of the Lord be your strength.

June 5: Went to a movie yesterday with good friends. To me, movie going is usually about friends. Only a few movies would be of interest to me otherwise. This movie was passable. It did, at least, tie love with sacrifice and not just with hopping into bed. Still, it was another movie in which crash and smash and effects took the place of a carefully crafted plot and character development. Shallow at best.

Much more exciting than a movie was the real life drama of birth. Our niece Tiffany had her second baby. All went well with mother and baby. The picture I love the best is one where Gramma is taking a picture of Dad taking a picture of Momma holding older brother Colton who is holding his new baby brother. Priceless.

Reality. Positive memories. These are what we need to hold onto and remember. I will.

Happy Birthday Mason!

June 1: A new month. It brings a birthday for my brother and surgery for our baby granddaughter. The new month came in with rain. The sun is out now, but we've had rain the last couple of days and last night.

Spring is soon to turn into summer and we never really had "Spring." Just cold, wind, snow and rain with a few warm days in between. Climate change? Hardly, since Keith's grandmother's diary from the 50's says they had not one, but two hard freezes in May. Doesn't sound like much has really changed in the last 70 years.

The cold and rain and overcast skies makes me appreciate the sunny days when the earth warms and the birds happily chirp in the trees.

I like working, not in my office, but at the dining room table where I can look out at the park across the street. I like space and sunshine and appreciate it when the weather cooperates. (Of course, rain is a nice change when day after day and week after week there is only heat and sun.) I like a balance with the weight on nice, sunshiny days.

I give thanks and smile.

May 29: Memorial Day is the day to honor and remember those who've gone before, especially our fallen military. In first grade I participated in a salute to the fallen military at the local cemetery. I was proud of my Pastor Dad, all decked out in his not-often-worn uniform. He was a WW II vet.

We don't respect much of history these days and that is sad. I grew up in a different time and place where God and country were honored. I still do.

I remember and honor. I also remember family lost. My brother and SIL remembered. Over the weekend they headed to northwestern Kansas to the church my dad served there. We loved that church. The parsonage was on a farm acreage and I had room to roam. Even got to have a horse. I also got ill there. The church surrounded us with love and care. Years later, we brought Mom back to the Lund Covenant Church to be buried.

Lorene sent me pictures of the church and Mom's gravestone. They left flowers. They also headed east to Stromburg, NE to where her parents are buried.

Later today, Keith and I are heading to Minden to honor his mom who died just last year and to spend time with his dad. For while we should honor those who've gone before, we need to not forget to spend time with those still with us.

May 25: Cold and slowly warming. Turtleneck tops still feel good. I also haven't turned the furnace off again. Even if not all that warm, the sunshine FEELS warm.

Yesterday brought more than wamer weather. My friend Dee dropped in for an afternoon visit, Our times together are about catching up, sharing and Prayer. I am glad I don't have to travel as much as she and husband Alan does since they are missionaries with Wycliffe. Enjoyed the visit, glad they are headquartered in the states now.

I am glad I can stay home and work and write from home. Glad God created each of us unique and special for the work He has for us.

May 22: Yesterday started cold, but got decently warm by afternoon. Turned out to be a nice day for Kearney High School graduation. We had two receptions to attend. They were fun. At the second one, There was even food I could eat. And no adverse reactions. Yeah!

Of course, I was happy not to have to fix supper afterward.

I took a picture of my plants yesterday. I've been concerned about them this last week with the cold, brr temperatures, but they are bright, colorful and growing. Can't ask for more than that.

So the work week begins...

In your busy week don't, As the saying goes, "forget to smell the roses" or for me--take time to view my flowers and relax.

May 19: Did I really think the cold weather had disappeared? Wrong! After some nice days, the cycle repeated. Rain and cold hit. No we didn't have snow, but some here in Kearney actually turned on their heat.

We didn't go that far, but I wore a turtleneck top and a warm vest yesterday. Today I am dressed even warmer. It did get up to 60 degrees yesterday finally, but it didn't feel like it. Makes me want to snuggle under covers.

Middle of May and it is COLD!

I hope my new plants outside will be ok. Probably will as they were outside at the store. One thing I like about the cold, keeps those pesky insects at bay.

Not to mention snakes. I've seen two out back already. NOOO!

May 15: The day after Mother's Day. While I'm writing, I am looking at the potted flowers I bought yesterday afternoon. My sister-in-law Lorene and I headed to Earl Mays after we ate out with our husbands. Tomorrow, I plan to replant the flowers in my two pots out back.

Yesterday morning started out with calls from our two kids. Good way to start the day. Our daughter posted a sweet picture of our new granddaughter on Facebook for her moms--me and her mil. Worth the whole day!

Keith sent an ecard. (I love ecards.)And took me out of eat.

I was a substitute teacher in Sunday School with a class of 9 K-2nd graders. Went great until the older class teacher let the kids out into our classroom before Pastor Dave (who went overtime) was finished. I had to keep them all corralled in my classroom until the sanctuary doors opened. (The other class also had a sub.) I was ticked. Teachers need to be told NOT to let out kids until they are SURE church is over. Minor detail, but exhausting. Glad to go home until time to eat out.

Most exciting was the news Lyla has been released from the hospital after her heart surgery. Not 7 or 10 days later, but just 4 days after surgery. That's God!

May 11: My nephew's daughter is doing remarkably well so soon after open heart surgery. Turned out the surgeon not only had to repair her tiny little heart valve, but also a hole that was discovered. This is one of those "best possible outcomes, and we're thankful. May 10: Temperatures up in the 80s the last few days. today down in the 50s. This is Nebraska. But my focus isn't on the weather outside--gloomy and overcast as it is.

Today my prayers and focus is on the 5-year-old daughter of my nephew. His daughter, born with a heart defect, is in Boston undergoing an 8 hour heart procedure.

Her heart was in such a condition at this point that there were no other options anymore. So today, we're surrounding this child and family with prayer.

I know, from my own experiences, that God hears the prayers of His people. We do not always understand the why of what happens, but I do know we can leave the results up to Him. I'm praying for the best possible outcome.

Holding onto Him. Yes! She came through with flying colors.

May 6: Temperatures are climbing. Umm. Might have some Spring before Summer. I hear birds singing outside in the trees. Bet they are happy for the warming weather. Maybe now they can concentrate on nest building.

This is a week of birthdays. Yesterday I sent greetings to the daughter of our friends Jeff and Gloria Geiselman. Our oldest kids grew up almost as siblings. My Colorado SIL Jenni has a birthday today. Hope she has a good one. I'll send greetings.

Jeff also has a birthday today. We're celebrating with the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" later this afternoon.

Birthdays are good opportunities to make positive memories. But we can make good memories any time. Why not take time to "stop and smell the roses" today.

2017 May 2: The sun is out, but it is still pretty cool out there. We've been through wind, cold, rain...and snow this past weekend that stayed on lawns, roads and cars. Is this the last of Winter? It is now May, just maybe, we've seen the last of snow until next fall. At least we can hope. Meanwhile, I'm keeping the furnace on until that weather is warm enough to do so.

2017 April 29: Yes it is the end of April in Nebraska. What are we getting? Winter storm warnings. Will be an interesting weekend. Will we actually have snow? Wouldn't be the first time.

Been cold, windy and rainy this week. Snow is the next step.

I have said we have two seasons here--Winter and Summer. Now we have Winter.

Life is like our unpredictable weather. We never really know what might happen. In this weather, I stay warm with sweaters and covers. In life we cover ourselves by staying close to Jesus, for He is our refuge and protection against life's storms.

April 26: This last weekend was the annual Scheidies Spring Get together. As most years, Saturday we gather at the Scheidies farm and on Sunday in Minden. We talk, catch up with each other's lives, laugh, eat and play games.

This year our newest granddaughter Ellery was the highlight of the weekend. Almost everyone had to hold and spoil her. She was very good through it all.

Keith brought our new game Oddly Obvious and that was a hit as well. Though not like Ellery.

Keith's mom died last April so this was the first year without her and that was hard and made for some silence and sober moments.

Hard also to see the empty space where the 80-year-old barn recently burned down. It wasn't the best of buildings anymore, but held lots of memories for the family.

I am thankful for a family who likes each other and enjoys getting together. In fact, there are already plans for some to go with Tim & Lisa to Sara's play on Saturday. And tentative plans to go out when we go to Omaha for Ellery's surgery in June.

I am blessed.

April 19: Been through cold and rain lately, but Easter turned out beautifully. Our church offers breakfast at 10 Easter morning before the service. That meant picking up kids early so they could have breakfast.

(Right now, we pick up a family of three kids. We only picked up two as the oldest was picked up early to help serve.) Kids are fun and so polite.

Mid afternoon we ate out with my brother Paul and wife Lorene.

I crashed later with a good nap.

I look outside and watch my flowers unfurl, reminding me our Creator appreciates beauty, and color. He is all about life and new life.
How can I doubt the new life He offers you and me?

April 14: A year ago yesterday I fell and shattered my right shoulder. That was bad enough. But more was to come. The very next day we unexpected lost my mother-in-law.

Her death was a shock to the whole family as we gathered to mourn her passing. She was a dear woman of faith who surprised me when Keith and I fell in love so many years ago.

Can you imagine what she must have thought when Keith brought me home and told his folks he was marrying me. I'm not what you hope your eldest son would bring home. But she graciously welcomed me to the family.

Since my mother died my last year of college, Roberta (Bert) was my mom. She was delighted when we had kids and she got to spoil grandchildren.

Bert was a special lady. I am sad to know she's no longer with us, but thankful for all the years we had her with us. Heaven is richer for her presence.

April 12: The month is moving along. More so than my right knee--the one that takes most of my weight, especially when getting up and down. Last Friday, pain hit. Oh yeah! Not good!

As much as I hate pain meds, I did take half of the powerful pain med I do have on hand. It is subscription and I hadn't touched the bottle in about a year when I fell and broke my shoulder. (This is one of the few pain meds to which I am not sensitive to.) Or was. The first sign of intolerance is nausea. And I was--for almost a day. Ugh!

Also got out one of my crutches and discovered since my shoulder break last year, my arm is shorter. Keith made the crutch shorter, but couldn't make the hand hold shorter. I put several rubber bands around and above the crutch hand hold. It worked to hold onto.

Then the weather turned so cold, I dressed for winter and turned up the heat. You know, the weather that chills clear through. Took two days to feel really warm.

My knee has been getting better. At least, I no longer use the crutch. And I am warm enough. But I woke to rain today and my knee is letting me know about it.

Yet, for all the physical frustrations, none compare to what Jesus went through on his way to sacrificing His life for me. I bow in humble gratitude, realizing my problems aren't so bad after all.

The thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. --John 10:10

April 6: Our son Chris turned 37 this week. Rather boggles my mind. I still see the mischievous little boy who flew around the house and got into everything.

When I needed a hip replacement when he was fourteen months, I was supposed to be on crutches for six weeks. But smarty pants figured out I wasn't supposed to walk without my crutches. When he wanted something, he'd smile and hand me my crutches.

Ah. But, when he wanted to get into trouble, he'd take the crutches and put them out of my reach. I wasn't on crutches for six whole weeks--more like four or, maybe, five, and then only one.

Now, Chris has three kids of his own. Our grandkids. His turn.

Yup. Keith and I are parents and grandparents. We wonder, not why, but when we got old.

Now our daughter has a baby daughter and we're grandparents all over again. What can be better?

Hope is about hanging on through those frustrating times knowing God's got this and He has good things waiting around the corner.

Yet, even those frustrating times have become sweet memories and I look forward with anticipation and hope.

April 3: Been a good weekend. My sister Karin came up from Kansas on Friday. We talked, caught up--and shopped. She stayed with brother Paul and Lorene and spent time with them. Saturday afternoon she and Lorene came over and Karin, with only a little help from us, rearranged my wall and other decorations in the living room.

Ran out of time, since we planned to go out to eat at 6:30. Told her she'll have to not wait six months to come back so the other pictures can be put back up.

Living room looks pretty good!

We had a good weekend together as family. I am thankful for my family and time spent with them. Next month it is Spring Fling with Keith's family.

We are blessed.

March 30: Last day of March and we'll see if the month goes out like a lion. The past couple of days have been wind, rain and cold! Today the skies are gray as though trying to decide what today will bring.

On a day like today, there is nothing like curling up with something hot and a good book. That leads to my 4 book historical family series The Barrington Saga--stories rooted in history around and after the War of 1812 on both sides of the ocean. Each book stands alone with threads that tie one book with the other.

Important for this week is the third in the series SECOND CHANCE FOR CHARITY. The Kindle version is FREE until Sunday. Check out this series at

Click here for Kindle version

March 24: We've gone from a string of warm weather days that had me convinced warm weather had come--permanently this Spring to nope, guess not! Last night the wind started. During the night the rain came--at least it is rain, not snow, and this morning I not only turned up the heat, but I am also wearing a sweater and jacket.

That's Nebraska. Why am I surprised?

What surprises me more is the lack of concern in the Christian community about a regular character in the latest Beauty and the Beast movie who has been written in as gay. Faith inferences from the original story are out. Gay is in. It bothers me that a conservative gay activist--yes there are some--is sounding alarm instead of Christians. Why not both? It is important even if the references are not in-your-face, because it is the tip of an invading iceberg. No pushback means full speed ahead. Power Rangers are next. Will Christians even care? Where is the line when they will say 'enough is enough?'

March 20: Had a good but exhausting weekend. Friday Keith and I headed to Omaha because Cassie wanted me to attend the church's baby shower for little Ellery Saturday morning. While we attended the shower and did a bit of shopping afterward with Ellery, Keith hung out with Kurt. Kurt took them to a pizza place for lunch they can't go to when with us since there isn't anything on the menu we can eat.

The rest of the afternoon, we hung out with Cassie, Kurt and Ellery in their apartment. In the evening, we met Chris and his girlfriend Rachel at Outback. (It was our first meeting with Rachel.) We were into jokes and poking fun and lots of laughs.

Sunday we attended church with Cassie and Kurt, watching Ellery while they practiced with the choir before the service. Had lunch and then headed home.

On the way home, I texted our oldest grandson Happy Birthday! He turned 17!!! (I'd sent a gift earlier.) Good to be in contact with him.

Good weekend, glad to get home. Glad to unpack and crash.
Today I'm playing catch up and trying to get stuff done.

But there are good memories.

March 10: And it is cold! I turned up the furnace. Did I say Spring had arrived? Wrong! The skies are gray and chill is in the air. What happened to our warm weather!!!

The thing is, why am I surprised. We've had snow in March and a blizzard in April After all, this is Nebraska. Blink--unless it is August--and the weather changes.

Hope we don't have a freeze that would harm the flowers and trees starting to bud.

Weather can be a downer, but the upper for me was my 13 year old granddaughter emailing me last night. We chatted a bit and "caught up" since I don't get to see her and her brothers all that much.

Tori made my evening. Told her about my latest book THE AUSTEN ADDICTION and she said she'd like to read it. That made me feel pretty good.

Family beats concern about weather all to shreds!

March 6: The sun is out. A week after snow, ice and cold, Spring seems to have gained a foothold. Went to church without a coat. Nice!

I don't generally review books any longer, but....Just finished a book by Tracie Peterson entitled TREASURED GRACE, the first of the "Heart of the Frontier" series. The book took me to the Whitman mission in Oregon and held me to the story.

From my own research for my writing, I've dealt in general terms with this mission effort. What I did not know is the details of the massacre. Tracie's story starts just before this historical event that takes us back and takes our heart as well.

Grace and her sisters are on their way to Oregon. She'd married simply to provide for her sisters to a man who needed to be married to be commissioned as a missionary. But the marriage was in name only and when he dies along the trail, Grace is relieved. But now what?

They end up at the Whitman mission. A trapper with a past finds his heart engaged with the feisty Grace. But with tensions among the native tribes rising, when measles takes hold. Is there hope of either peace or love?

Another winner from Tracie. Check out my books as well.

March 1: March already. I spent time yesterday finding decorations and setting up displays melding St. Pat, Spring and Easter decorations. After all, the whole reason St. Patrick became famous was because he brought the Gospel to Ireland.

The decorations were more fun than working with a book update. Got it all ready for print publication and then, quite by accident, found another error. How I have missed something so obvious through not only this edit, but all the work for the first edition. I go through my manuscripts tons of times. Just glad I caught it!

And most people think all we writers do is write. That's only a small--but important--part of what we do as professional authors.

February 23: We've been having such warm weather it has felt more like late Spring than the last of February. Well, Winter decided to step in.

Woke up to the furnace working overtime and I hadn't even turned it up for the day. I haven't needed to turn it up the last couple of days because it has been so warm. This morning, I got up, walked down the hall and turned up the thermostat. Umm. Hot, warm air.

It is cold and windy outside. Only time will tell if we'll also get snow. Meanwhile, buckle up. Winter is back!

February 15: The day after Valentine's Day and I am excited. My son convinced me to purchase an iPad Mine 2. At first, I objected, saying I wouldn't spend more money on an iPad Mini than I spent on my 15" laptop. (I already had a 7" Android which was on the blink and I was looking to replace.)

He found a mini 2 for a little over $200. I bought it and set it up--with some frustration. Now, I love it! Last evening--Valentine's Day, I received the keyboard and case I purchased. Looks so cool! Basically I now have a mini laptop.

Have already gotten work done on my new machine. Fast. Smooth. Efficient. Yes!

February 8: Hard to believe it has been a week already since we returned home from seeing our new grandbaby. Cassie went through so much during pregnancy and during the birth of precious little Ellery.

But our new granddaughter is here and starting to gain weight. She's so little a picture of her with Kurt and Cassie's dog Melvin makes Melvin look BIG and he's a little dog. He is such a laid back dog and very sweet.

He was a rescue dog and has been Cassie's companion for years. Now Melvin can become a protector/companion to little Ellery.

Cassie's birthday was yesterday. As she said on Facebook with a picture of Ellery--Best birthday gift I've ever gotten.

I've only written a couple of books for young children. Can't wait to give them to Ellery when she's older.

February 4: Hard to believe that the first of this week we were in Omaha for the birth of our newest grandbaby. For the safety of mother and baby, the doctors first tried to induce early (37 weeks) and then did a C-section.

We got to hold little Ellery during the time we were there.

Got home Wednesday night. Since then, I've been trying to catch up and feeling pretty good about all I've gotten done. However, haven't gotten much done on the book I'm releasing, once I have time to do so.

Besides, faith and family should always come first. A pretty good reason to escape my work for a few days--a sweet new granddaughter!!!

Besides, I'm sure I'll be inspired to write articles and poems because Gramma loves her new grandchild!

January 29: It is my granddaughter's 13th birthday today. Wow! How time flies. I remember holding the sweet little baby girl in the hospital. Was that really 13 years ago?

While my son's kids are growing up. Our daughter is just starting her family. Her baby shower was yesterday. My friend (who has been like a second mom to Cassie) drove us to Omaha, picking up my sister Karin in York (she drove up from Kansas) along the way. The three of us had a great time together eating out with Cassie & Kurt and Kurt's mom Friday night and with Cassie and Becky Saturday noon after Karin, Gloria and I had wiped out Trader Joe's. (Gloria had never been to one before.)

We had fun shopping. The problem was that the car was already filled with luggage and gifts, but we managed to fit everything in--and still have room for us.

On to the shower at Tim and Lisa's home. Lots and lots of pink packaging. Cassie had a blast opening all the gifts from family, "adopted" family like Gloria, and Omaha friends.

All too soon, we had to say our good-byes and head home. But not for long....pretty soon Keith and I will get to say "hello" to another granddaughter.

Can't wait!

January 25: Yesterday was my birthday. I'm a geezer, no need to go into ages, though I'm sure many can figure it out.

I felt a bit down in the morning. Then I came out into the dining room to find a beautiful vase of flowers from Keith. Oh my!

Keith hadn't been able to get the day off as he usually does because he had to be at work--and early. It did mean he got home around three in the afternoon rather than 9 at night. It meant, despite the snow which stopped late afternoon, we were able to eat out. And, of course, I brought half of mine home.

Talked to both kids and my sister via phone. Responded to some emails. Cassie also sent me flowers with a cute little stuffed animal clinging to the vase.

Then the greetings. All day Facebook added more birthday greetings. Made me misty. How can I adequately thank family, friends, writer friends, fans for sending me greetings? (Hope you all read my birthday poem thank you.)

Anyway, thank you all. I feel wrapped in warmth.
I really did have a Happy Birthday!

January 19: Monday I was glad Keith was off from work as everything was a glaze of ice and I didn't want him out on those roads. We turned it into a very productive day. Hung up a plaque I received for Christmas. Keith vacuumed and washed clothes. I got lots of little projects done. All in all, we got a lot accomplished.

I didn't accomplish as much with my book cover. I don't think the designer hired paid much attention to the information I sent. The first cover had an image that would send most readers of romance heading for the door rather than to a cash register. Me included.

I was clear about info, font, size and more information about characters and concepts from the plot. The second cover was a romance cover--for some other book. Had nothing to do with my book. No attention paid to my requests regarding fonts, size, etc.

I was more than a little thankful when the designer asked to be released from our contract. You bet. Now back to square one. I have some ideas I'm running with.

We'll see where they lead.

January 16: Welcome to the land of sleet and ice. It looks like an ice rink outside. Scary for anyone driving. Thankfully, we can stay home and inside.

Yesterday we prepared to go to church. Wasn't bad when we got up, but by the time I called our pastor who was already at the church he said it was getting slick. With my risk factors, he said I should stay at home. He wasn't expecting many to come out, including the worship team, so he was using "canned" music.

We stayed home and found two preachers on TV to watch. I confess, I fell asleep during the second sermon.

If this is your weather...stay home if you can. I'm glad I work at home. Means even in bad weather this workaholic can still get stuff done.

January 11: Already well into the new year. This week, thankfully, after quite the process and repair persons, we have hot water and heat. I think permanently this time.

Been impressed with those who went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. People cared. Businesses cared. And I end up not with complaints, but with gratitude.

Not to mention, I wrote a Hub article about the situation that I'll submit later. All good and just in time for the snow/ice front that is supposed to move it.

What a good time to get some books and settle in for a reading session. Check out the Medieval suspense romance "Lady Comfrey and the Secret of Cambraige Castle." FREE Kindle version this week.

January 4: Already several days into the new year and today I woke up to snow. It is still coming down, steady, not wind driven. A nice snow. Can hardly complain since, so far, winter has been very mild and this snow isn't cause for concern.

New Year's Eve hubby and I stayed home. And, no, I did not even try to make it to midnight.

Sunday was church and wishing family and friends "Happy New Year." Many, including my husband Keith, was off work Monday as well. Perfect for the siblings living in Nebraska to spend time with Keith's dad.

Reserved a space at Ruby Tuesdays and enjoyed eating and being together. Afterward several came over to our house to play cards.

Monday was a day to make good memories.
Happy New Year!


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