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Carolyn R Scheidies


I Deal in Hope
From helplessness & hopelessness to
healing, help and hope

Thanksgiving Attitude

Thanksgiving should mean more than stuffing ourselves until we cannot move. (Which we probably do!) It should mean more even than getting together with family, as important as that may be.
Thanksgiving doesn't even exist without Someone to thank, Someone who created us with the capacity for gratitude.

Thanksgiving needs, then, to be more than a wonderful holiday.
Thanksgiving should be a daily attitude of a grateful heart to the
One who is our provider, our protector and our peace.

Yes, "I will praise the LORD according to His righteousness, and will
sing praise to the name of the LORD most high."
-- Psalm 7:17 Mkjv


Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart,
all you that hope in the LORD.
Psalm 31:24

Hope is what keeps us keeps us going
when all seems lost.
Hope is what keeps us from giving up
despite the cost.
Hope is not a feeling to be
mustered at will within.
Hope is God’s voice
drawing us to Him.

(c) 2010 Carolyn R Scheidies From THE SECRET OF HOPE

Life doesn't often go the way we plan. We deal with good and bad in life and sometimes we get beaten down and start losing hope. My life has been no different, but I've learned, life is all about hope and faith. Furthermore, attitude makes all the difference in how we deal with today...and whatever comes our way.

At this site you'll find a variety of books, articles, poems and more that revolve around lifting up and finding hope even in the worst of situations. Explore, read--and discover hope.

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