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My Summer Journal: The Rescue

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Twelve-year-old Kari Ann is angry her family insists she attend a family reunion with them instead of going with her best friend to the Mall of America. She feels awkward, out-of-sync with her body and life. She hates being twelve!

When Kari Ann's mother gives her a journal to capture her thoughts during the reunion, Kari Ann takes the assignment seriously and so begins a journey of discovery about life—including an exciting rescue, faith and herself.

Alicia Fisher, at agenine, gave the book a thumbs up. “It was good at the beginning of the story. It was great to the end. I liked it very much.”

A story about how a young teen comes to accept herself for who she is.
MY SUMMER JOURNAL: THE RESCUE takes the journal form and turns it into an exciting adventure for tweens

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