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The Rationale of Evolution—Does it Make Sense?
2010 Carolyn R Scheidies
If evolution is true we have some serious problems. At it's core, evolution is about change. It is a process that selects the best of a species for mating in order to propagate. Anything that does not or cannot propagate, evolution considers useless. Anything less than perfection with the ability to mate and reproduce is of little or no use.
Evolution is taught in schools and yet, seldom, is logic applied to the core of evolutionary theory. (And it is still just a theory of the beginning, nothing more, a theory.) If evolution is true, love does not exist. What we might consider love is merely the drawing of two mates together in order to reproduce. There is no place in evolution for caring or that heart connection that causes grief long after the loss of a beloved mate.
Selfishness is the key to evolutionary theory. It is survival of the fittest, fighting for what's mine, regardless of the cost. Those who truly believe evolution have to deny that self-sacrifice is a virtue. Sacrificing one's own time, effort, even life to help or save others is foolish in an evolutionary world where the weak and helpless are despised, not assisted, and where mercy has no place.
In a world of total evolutionary thought, hospitals and counseling centers would be outlawed. Those with critical needs would be considered cast offs of the evolutionary process. If someone is unable to survive, they should not be encouraged to do so. It means they are weak and only the strong are to survive and reproduce.
Interestingly enough, if those who do not reproduce naturally are considered “less than,” it also means those who hold up evolution as fact cannot accept homosexuality as a positive lifestyle. Those who practice homosexuality are not drawn to mates in order to reproduce. In the evolutionary system, this makes them, along with anyone who helps the less fortunate, not the perfect product of the process.
Christianity, so maligned by many who hold to evolutionary thought, treasures the individual, regardless of size, health or limitations. Each person is valued because in a world directed by a loving, caring Heavenly Father, creation is filled with love and mercy. Both beauty and self-sacrifice are of great value.
If we are but the product of evolution, then why are the thoughts of a evolution scientist of any more value than thoughts of my mind? What makes them the expert if we're merely a construct of a mindless process? If evolution is mindless, where did we get our ability to reason? And just why are they so sure there isn't some knowledge outside their narrow knowledge base? They can't know everything.
Truth is, evolution doesn't pass the most elementary of logic tests. I'd rather keep my belief in love and mercy, than wallow in the misery of those who truly believe that all there is, is a mindless, sole-less process.

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