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Nikki's Song
2002 By Cassandra Lynn Scheidies
(Cousin to Nikki)
She gasps for one more breath
as she looks at her mom and dad
she wants to let go
but she doesn't want them to be sad
Mommy, I want to be with Jesus
Daddy, I know he will take care of me
It's so hard to fight for earthly life
but one day you will see
God used me
He showed you how to pray
although I wasn't around for long
we'll be together again one day
He wants me to tell you I'll be okay
that he loves me and you
and if you keep the faith
you'll be with him, too
I love you,
In the four months God lent her to her parents, Nikki (born June 2000) stole the hearts of us all. She taught us how to love in ways we never knew possible. We hoped she'd beat the odds, but it was not to be....


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